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Size Guide

We stand behind the concept of creating clean finishing for most of our products, hence most styles do not have extension rings. However, we also understand that one size does not always fit all.

The size conversion below will help you establish your ideal size for YARD YARN's jewellery. Please note this is an approximate conversion guide. For further information or advice, feel free to contact us.

Size (inches) Wrist Measurement (inches)
6 (~15.2 cm)
 5 (~12.7cm)
7 (~17.8 cm)
 6 (~15.2 cm)
8 (~20.3 cm)
 7 (~17.8 cm)
9 (~22.9 cm)
 8 (~20.3 cm)

By adding an inch to your actual wrist measurement, the fit will be just right. If you are in between the listed measurement, do fill in your wrist measurements at checkout under Special instructions for seller.

For example:
Size: 7.5"
Wrist measurement: 6.5"


Length (inches)  Length (~cm)
14   ~35.6 cm
16   ~40.6 cm
18   ~45.7 cm
20   ~50.8 cm
24   ~60.9 cm
30   ~76.2 cm
33   ~83.8 cm


US  O Circumference (~mm)
8 ~57.8
9 ~58.7

Our ring sizes are set in standard US measurements. Most common ring sizes for women's are US 6 and US 7. However, if you're between sizes, we suggest choosing the bigger size. If not, talk to us and we are happy to assist you. 

Try using a thread or linear cut paper to measure the circumference of your finger if 
you do not have a tape measure.