Finally introducing a new material into our jewellery line!
It has always been a challenge as I did not want to use random materials that can't uphold the consistency of quality and at the same time be able to be fluid with ideas. Just then, aluminium came across my mind, and it really inspires me to get hands-on with it.

I began moulding with the wrong tools initially, and forgo the idea for a bit.
However, I did not want to give up just yet. I really thought I should work on it again. This time I succeeded and the result was surprisingly satisfying. 
The expansion of ideas became real the more I work on it.
And, I hope this collection with new implement silhouettes are exciting for you as well. As of now, I cannot rave more about this metal. It is nickel-free, non-reactive and is super lightweight, doesn't tarnish or rust! So, you can wear them safely.

Personally, I have extremely sensitive skin, hence the reason I have always been very particular when choosing the right materials for YARD YARN. 
I hope you will enjoy this capsule, and I cannot wait to showcase more designs.