Behind the scene with evenodd x YARD YARN

Behind the scene with evenodd x YARD YARN

It all started with a cup of coffee. Chatting and sharing our ideas and plans. Samuel, the designer of evenodd, has been developing menswear from the beginning, now makes clothing for us ladies!

It is indeed an exciting news and is extremely glad that the opportunity was given to YARD YARN to develop a capsule of accessories for the launch. 

There we brought together materials on this messy table. We only have a blank canvas to work on. And, Samuel was really cool to let me play with my creativity and eventually guided me to think out of the box. 


So, the day arrives where Samuel made a trip to my studio. We set the mood right and started to piece the parts to form. 

And we ended the day well with all the confirmed designs. Now, waiting the day that we do the shoot. This is always the most tiring yet anticipating moment. 


The capsule depicts the distinct opposite attraction between both brands.

And we are glad the blend in well with the clothing without overpowering each other. I guess that is when we talk about a strike in balance. We hope you enjoy the collection as well. 

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