Our jewellery is crafted with 304 stainless steel, a base metal that is commonly recognized as hypoallergenic for most individuals. While it does contain a low percentage of iron and nickel, we recommend avoiding it if you have hypersensitive skin.

304 stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion and rust. We have tested most of our jewellery in this climate. Silver steel is the most durable. Gold steel is vacuum-plated and should be kept away from abrasive contact and humidity to preserve the coating.

Rarely, there may be other plated metals present. Tarnishing is expected upon exposure to air, humidity, perfume, and moisture. Unless specified, ornamental beads and leather parts are synthetic.

It is permissible if you have failed to remove them for your shower. Furthermore, if you find it to be comfortable, you may rest with it. For proper jewellery care, store it in a clean or dry place and avoid humidity. Tarnishing can occur with chlorine and salt water, so it's best to avoid them. Clean the accessory before storing it in the zipper pouch with a clean, dry cloth.


We stand behind the quality of our work, and with proper care, your accessory should last you for many years. However, jewellery is by no means indestructible. Please do not put your jewellery too far through the wringer without consequence.

In the event that you require a repair, please inform us with a detailed account of what transpired. Our team is ready to assist you in rectifying the situation. A minor repair fee is applicable for damages resulting from undue wear and tear.


We lean towards creating clean finishing for most of our products which means they do not have extension rings. However, we also understand that one size does not always fit all. The size conversion below will help you establish your ideal size for YARD YARN's jewellery. Please note this is an approximate conversion guide. For further information or advice, feel free to contact us.

 Size Wrist Measurement
6" (~15.2 cm) 5" (~12.7 cm)
7" (~17.8 cm)
6" (~15.2 cm)
8" (~20.3 cm)
7" (~17.8 cm)
9" (~22.9 cm)
8" (~20.3 cm)

Adding 1 inch to your wrist measurement will give you the right amount of allowance. If you are in-between sizes, do fill in your wrist measurements at checkout.

Tip: For thinner chains, we suggest adding 0.5 inches to your wrist circumference.

For example:
Special instructions for seller:
Size: 7.5"
Wrist measurement: 6.5"

Length (inches) Length (~cm)
14 ~35.6 cm
16 ~40.6 cm
~45.7 cm
~50.8 cm
~60.9 cm
~76.2 cm
~83.8 cm

US O Circumference (~mm)
5 ~49.3 mm
6 ~51.3 mm
~55 mm
~57.8 mm
~58.7 mm

Our ring sizes are in standard US measurements. The most common ring sizes for women are US 6 and US 7. However, if you are in-between sizes, we suggest choosing the bigger size.

Tip: Try using a thread or linear cut paper to measure the circumference of your finger if you do not have a tape measure.

Note: All measurements are in International Inch where 1 inch is equivalent to 2.54cm.