Genevieve Tan, the founder and designer of YARD YARN, is a graduate of Temasek Design School. Like many, her career started right after graduation. At 26, she launched YARD YARN without any clue about the future. Similar to other startups, there were unpredictable challenges before the brand settled down and launched its first capsule in 2015.

The collection garners a rise of attention from the unique choice of material. The jewellery designs use unexpected daily hardware. They are surprisingly lightweight and wearable, despite being unapologetically bold. The development continues to evolve in the direction of resistance. Despite the many changes, the brand adheres to the initial concept and objectives.

"We try to minimise repeated branding so you can reuse them."

"As an independent maker, my message is straightforward. I'd love to demonstrate the affordability and quality we can bring. I take this venture to educate consumers about the effort put into conceptualising and crafting. Even though this startup came at the weirdest timing, I can eventually look back without any regrets. YARD YARN has given me an outlet for my passion, and I am the gladdest when people are appreciative. I am still hopeful of the future."

Founder and designer